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Anonymous asked: TZ: hey corless want to go about causing people to go mad just by looking at us?


Making some People go into Madness. Base of our appearance? I have no time for toying with the little bugs, I need regrow into my Penta from get out of inner planes by the Lady herself. Witch if I did wanted to, I couldn’t because of that.

[NAME CENTER FOR REASON OF MADNESS IF YOU READ INTO TRUE ZERO’S NAME]!! Get back being the living chaos like you should be.

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ask-sethb1 asked: In persona setting, For Ni. So Ni, new setting... new pretty much everything. What do you think of it all and perhaps what do you want to happen, As well aren't ya happy that Seth is still around the same setting as you ;D


Hah, Persona E 1st ask and is a meta one and from Seth.

It alright, the world still being building, I mean the Mod just made my Persona, Lempo. And I like to know what my 2nd Persona would be.

Not to mention, he have an idea for me being a living Twin and My Shadow wild looking like a party girl it show what I be without my Sister being there for me. It even if doesn’t fit with the Strength Arcana, it does make me I feel weak without my sister.


But I feel kind of old that I can be romanticized with Edward if he the Player Cast. And Seth could be romanticized by Pinku, it Weird.

It’s a pity Reimu is a Touhou Canon Characters and he have to made another Expy of her and be post-mortem too.


And F.I.Y. even if you have a crush, we still in the friendzone even if ever Ed or Pink taken the Friendship pach.

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Personas Just Ask Us… Eight!

Hello to whenever is fallowing this. I am PMiller1, The made of JustAskUsFive.

I came to tell that you can also ask my OCs in the setting my Persona Setting/Parody. And not just the Walfas of them (Or the MtG and any other).

However I well respond in the from of the Mugs that I am using, I’ll also us them if I don’t feel like using walfas of them.

Yes. I have made my Author Avatars as Philemon. Who wouldn’t my Avatars be?

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